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I just connected my Nokia N95 to my 22 inch TFT (incl. speakers) and paired it with a bluetooth keyboard.

I’ve taken a picture with the N95, so it is missing in the installation (the mouse is only a mock-up…):

With applications like Putty, symtorrent and Opera mobile on this Symbian powered “mobile phone”, this may be a glance in the future of personal computing.


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Peter Gabriel just started his new commercial music download service (Music Club) offering music in a lossless format (i.e. Apple lossless).

As a reaction the press writes articles about the benefits of lossless audio for audiophile know-it-alls (see Spiegel online in german -> “Besserhörer”), completely ignoring the real advantage of lossless audio in this business: Format independence for now and ever.

Lossless audio allows you to:

Evolution of music players

  • Convert it to a lossy format in a quality you like, in a format you have to use (for example on a mobile device).
  • Convert it to the next big format of the future.

Think about it: What happend to your VHS video collection?

You can rerip your CDs, but you will never ever be able to do that with your DRM infected WMA music collection. And you paid actual money for that crap!

I would be more than happy to feed a bunch of money to a online music service offering my kind of music in a lossless audio format (not Peter Gabriel…).

In the mean time, I will buy my CDs, rip them and store them away on the attic never touching them again. (Or I will search the free market.)

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